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France is most searched country at LIWF

27 May 2008

France is most searched country at LIWF
By: Jamie Coggans
France was the most searched for country at this year's London International Wine Fair, new figures show.
Data from TastingBuddy's eCatologue 'The List', which recorded over 6,000 searches by more than 5,000 unique users, discovered that France was the most searched country at the fair beating the likes of Chile, New Zealand and Argentina.
France had a strong presence at this year's LIWF with Sopexa organising the 'Fast Track to France' stand, which showcased a collection of AOC wines selected by a blind tasting panel.
Italy was the second most searched for country followed by Spain, Australia and Argentina.
Just under half (49%) of the user profile hailed from the UK while 38% came from Europe. The remainder was split between the Americas (8%), Asia Pacific (4%) and the Middle East and Africa (1%).
Burgundy was the most searched region followed by Champagne and Bordeaux respectively.
Top 10 Grape Variety Searches at LIWF
1.) Sauvignon Blanc
2.) Pinot Noir
3.) Cabernet Sauvignon
4.) Chardonnay
5.) Shiraz
6.) Tempranillo
7.) Riesling
9.) Syrah
10.) Albariño

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